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  • Induction Annealing EquipmentInduction Annealing Equipment2019-09-05Induction annealing is a part of induction heating. The purpose of induction annealing is to change the hardness, toughness and internal stress of the metal in order to achieve the best material properties. ...

Except quenching, brazing, melting, the induction heater can be used in annealing, forging and other heat treatments.

Regarding to annealing technology, the induction annealing equipment can be applied to various bars, tubes, sheets, belts and other special shape material. After special impedance matching, It can also be used for non magnetic materials, such as stainless steel and other annealing applications, to reduce the inner stress of material. The man-machine interface of the master machine can be online and store multiple process curves. Each period of temperature control process, time and temperature values can be customized to meet the requirements of complex annealing process.

According to the geometry of different materials workpiece and heating process requirements, the induction forging furnace adopts different frequency induction heating heater for heating the workpiece. Heat treatment of metal materials in extrusion, forging, hot rolling and cutting before conditioning, whole metal material annealing and tempering can be realized by induction heating equipment.
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