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Induction Annealing Equipment

  • Induction Annealing Equipment
Induction annealing is a part of induction heating. The purpose of induction annealing is to change the hardness, toughness and internal stress of the metal in order to achieve the best material properties. 

The advantage of induction annealing is that the workpiece can be heated precisely and repeatedly, thus ensuring the same result. In the process of induction annealing, the heat quantity is generated directly in the workpiece by alternating electromagnetic field, so the process can be controlled precisely, and the high efficiency can be achieved by the effective use of energy.

Thus, uniform heat distribution and workpiece penetration depth can be ensured. In induction annealing, the annealed workpiece won’t be cooled suddenly by water or other coolants, but indirect cooling slowly, there is not directly contacting during the heating process. 

Induction annealing provides excellent heating controllability because the whole process can be controlled perfectly with frequency, power, and annealing time according to the required material characteristics. 

It is suitable for welding seam annealing(removing internal stress) of welded tube, (on line) bright annealing of wires, tubes, sheets , annealing of stainless steel wares after stretching, and annealing of various hardware tools.


  • Large scale IGBT transistor high frequency induction heating power 30KW,60KW,80KW,100KW.
  • Applicable to various tubes φ6-φ160, sheets T0.5-T6.0,material SUS304、316 and 316L.
  • Annealed products have bright steel tubes, and good straightness of the steel tube.
  • Online annealing speed: 0-20M/min is adjustable.
  • Heating temperature: it is subject to products material.
  • Equipped with gas protection system, saving energy , environmental protection, high production efficiency, fast speed.
  • Equipped with advanced infrared temperature automation detection system ,water cooling system and synchronous solution cooling system, easy operation , has function of multi-functional, multi protection and multi display.
  • According to customer’s requirements, the equipment can be designed to 2 lines , 4 lines, 8 lines and other multi-lines simultaneous annealing equipment.
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