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Induction Brazing Equipment

Lihua company have the unique welding technology, the induction power of the brazing equipment is developed by ourselves, switches power automatically while the machine is running to shorten the power working time, greatly protect the power, improving the service life, good and stable quality. detail
  • Copper Tube Joint Brazing MachineCopper Tube Joint Brazing Machine2019-09-05Our brazing technology is in the leading position in china, we specially develops high frequency induction brazing machine for household appliances, refrigeration, aviation, aerospace, communications, information, plumbing sanitary ware and other industries....
  • Four-Way Valve Brazing MachineFour-Way Valve Brazing Machine2019-09-05When the workpiece is being brazed, put the brazing parts of workpiece in the alternating magnetic field, the heating of this parts is produced by resistance heating generated by induction current....
  • Precision Hardware Brazing MachinePrecision Hardware Brazing Machine2019-09-05The high frequency induction brazing machine designed for precision hardware industry specially by our company equips with IGBT transistor high frequency power...
  • Other Special Brazing MachineOther Special Brazing Machine2019-09-05We are a professional enterprise engaged in researching and developing, manufacturing and promoting automation welding equipment and auxiliary forming equipment...
  • Heating Tube Brazing MachineHeating Tube Brazing Machine2019-09-056-stations high frequency brazing machine has good quality, humanization design, easy operation, no need professional wedling technician, ordinary worker can operate the machine after simple training. ...
We are the factory of developing brazing equipment in early time, have a good reputation in the small home appliance industry. High frequency induction brazing machine is based on induction heating principle, that is under high temperature or high-pressure condition, welding 2 or more kinds of materials into a whole with solder (solder rod or solder wire).

  • Welding range of high frequency induction brazing machine;
  • Welding of diamond cutter head, carbide saw blade and diamond cutting tools, abrasive tools and drilling tools;
  • Welding of machining carbide cutting tools, Such as lathe tool, planer, milling cutter, reamer and other tools;
  • Welding of mining tools: such as bore bits, button bit, coal drill and other shearer picks;
  • Welding of woodworking tools, such as all kinds of woodworking planer, milling cutter and all kinds of woodworking drill;
  • Compound bottom welding of copper pot, aluminum pot, stainless steel pot;
  • Welding for a heating tube of electric kettle, coffee pot and other electric pot.

Advantages of Induction Brazing Equipment:

  • High safety factor: no need flammable and explosive gas, and guarantee the safety of life and property;
  • Saving energy and environmental protection: there isn’t Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and other harmful gas during welding. The power source is electric, compared with acetylene, gasoline, oxygen, LPG and another source, the cost is much lower;
  • High welding quality: Flat welding surface, stable welding quality, improved the whole quality of the welding product;
  • It is easy to operate, ordinary workers can learn to operate within several seconds.
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