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LHM-25AB Medium frequency Induction heating machine

  • LHM-25AB Medium frequency Induction heating machine
  • LHM-25AB Medium frequency Induction heating machine
Lihua medium frequency induction heater, adopts all-solid-state IGBT conversion and power regulation, designs full range of protection function, such as over current, water lack, over heating, over voltage, short circuit, phase lack and so on, greatly improve reliability of equipment.

Our medium frequency induction machine adopts the traditional parallel resonance circuit, easy to match other equipments and design induction coil, the actual output power of the machine can be adjusted to more than 80%.

There are many different kinds of displays: such as current display,voltage display, time display, make working situation visualization. It is better to design induction coil and capacitance regulation.

Ultra small volume, light weight, removable, covers an area of less than 1 square meters, save 10 times production space for customers.

100% full loading, 24 hours non-stop working.

In particular, for heating stainless steel, copper, industrial silicon, aluminum and other non magnetic material, the melting speed is fast, less material elements burning, energy saving more than 20%, greatly reduce costs.

Due to the low frequency, this series products mainly used for deep heating depth or diathermy, such as bar hot forging, metal smelting, mould whole temper treatment and preheating before welding etc. Our medium frequency induction power applies to a wide range of frequency: 1KHZ ~ 20KHZ, In the matching process, according to customer specific application requirements, considering the heating requirements, heating efficiency, noise, electromagnetic stirring force and other factors, to design the most suitable working frequency range, to achieve the best comprehensive heating effect.
  • The intermediate frequency induction heating power is used for heating and melting process, such as:
  • Standard parts heating and forging;
  • Various metal materials smelting;
  • Shrink fitting of motor rotor;
  • Heating and expanding of steel pipe end; 
  • Mold diathermy;
  • Intermediate frequency quenching of shafts;
  • Weld seam preheating or post-weld tempering etc.



Output current


oscillation frequency


Output power


Input voltage

3- phase 380V, 50HZ/60HZ

Loading rate


Cooling method

Water cooling


Host machine30KG

transformer 23KG

Cooling water request

0.08-0.16Mpa,9 L/min


Host machine 




Above specification is for reference only, exact specification will be based on the LIHUA lastest information.
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