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LHG-10A Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine

  • LHG-10A Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine
  • LHG-10A Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine
The ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment from our company is the high technology products that adopts the most advanced power unit of international and the unique technology.

It can penetrate nonmetallic material by electromagnetic effect principle and instantaneously induce heating to any metal in non-contact form.

High heating temperature: It is subject to the material of workpiece and heating time, it is available to reach any temperature and melt any metal.

High efficiency and energy saving: the energy conversion rate up to 85%, it is twice of old electron tube high frequency equipment, but the electric consumption is only 1/5 of electron tube.

Automatic controlling: It is available to adjust the power and time of heating and holding, benefit to improve heating quality and repetition rate, and it can work continuously for 24 hours.

High reliability: The machine have comprehensive protection functions, if the voltage, water pressure, water temperature and loading current and other parameters can not meet the requirements, the machine will stop working automatically. 

Easy installation: Just need to connect the power supply and water.

Small size, easy operation.
Lihua portable induction heaters are applied in various industries. Advanced technology combine with many years’ applied professional knowledge, is the foundation for solutions ,can satisfy our customers’ requirements. Depend on the high-quality products and professional service, we have gained an excellent reputation in diverse industry of the world.  
  • Electronic industry: sliver soldering of extremely fine wire, electronic components and fine parts.
  • Electromechanical industry: Hardening and tempering of fine metal connector, Silver brazing micro motor and shaft.
  • Wire industry: annealing of wire and belt.
  • Toy industry: tempering of thin metal sheet.Tooling welding, quenching of knife edge.
  • Welding for carbide saw blade teeth.
  • Welding and annealing of glasses fram.
  • Welding for jewelry and watch & clock.



Output current


oscillation frequency


Output power


Input voltage

3- phase380V, 50HZ/60HZ

Loading rate


Cooling method

Water cooling



Cooling water flow




Above specification is for reference only, exact specification will be based on the LIHUA lastest information.
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