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Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Ultrasonic frequency induction heating equipment is used for heating before forging, the local quenching and overall quenching for the surface of the workpiece, the annealing, and other heat treatment process.detail
  • LHY-25AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating MachineLHY-25AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine2019-09-04 23:40:15Lihua ultrasonic induction heating power, adopts third generation IGBT Parallel inverting circuit, inverter control technique, make this series equipment to achieve 100% loading rate and continuous 24 hours heating....
  • LHY-40AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating MachineLHY-40AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine2019-09-04 23:38:16It adopts the fourth generation IGBT series inverter circuit and control technology so that the continuous rate of 100% load of this series of equipment can be realized, and the maximum power heating state can be operated for 24 hours....
  • LHY-60AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating MachineLHY-60AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine2019-09-04 23:36:44A strong magnetic beam with polar instantaneous change is produced in the induction coil , placed the metal which needs heat treatment in the induction coil, the magnetic beam will penetrate the whole heated metal object....
  • LHY-80AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating MachineLHY-80AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine2019-09-04 22:47:35Induction heating no need to heat the workpiece in a whole. It can be used selectively to heat parts of workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of low energy consumption, and the deformation of the workpiece is not obvious....
  • LHY-100AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating MachineLHY-100AB Ultrasonic Frequency Induction Heating Machine2019-09-04 22:45:47Adopts the third generation IGBT series inverter circuit, inverter control technology, so that this series of equipment 100% loading rate can be realized, continuous 24 hours maximum power heating state can be run....
Set up a complete set of equipment with all kinds of machinery industry, such as Machine tool guide rail quenching equipment, cold rolled ribbed steel bar production line, a full set of stainless steel tube brighten annealing equipment, long shaft quenching equipment, bolts and nuts and other heating machines, forging machines, molds and other supporting equipment. It covers automobiles, motorcycles, hardware tools, mechanical parts, fasteners, standard parts, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic parts, various drilling tools, tableware, farm implements, steel and steel pipes, railways, aviation fittings and various metal processing industries, and heat treatment industry. The application field is wide, the effect is good.

Working frequency 20-50KHZ 
Power 25KW-160KW
Other power and frequency can be customized according to the heating requirement

Above specification is for reference only, exact specification will be based on the LIHUA
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