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Vertical Quenching Machine

CNC Vertical quenching machine is a kind of machine controlled by the numerical control system. It can be used to clamp the workpiece in induction quenching and tempering of the shaft, disk, pin, gear and other parts. CNC Vertical quenching machine can complete quenching and tempering heat treatment at one time, has the functions of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, subsection continuous quenching and subsection simultaneous quenching. detail
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The performance is advanced, the operation is convenient, the positioning is accurate. CNC Vertical quenching machine can meet the quenching and tempering requirements of complex parts as much as possible. The degree of automation is high, so as to improve the processing mode of quenching, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the production efficiency and product quality.

The vertical quenching machine frame is welded by a steel plate, and the stress of the whole frame has been relieved. Thus It has good rigidity, thermal stability and vibration resistance.

The vertical quenching machine adopts CNC numerical control system, which can program flexible and store a variety of heat treatment process programs according to the technological requirements of different workpieces.

The loading and unloading of vertical quenching machine are by manual, and all the other movements and processing are controlled by the automatic control of the equipment. The controlling is accurate, the degree of automation is high, and the result of the workpiece heat treatment is consistent.

The workpiece movement of vertical quenching machine is driven by servo motor, precision grinding ball screw and linear guide rail. It has the advantages of accurate positioning, high wear resistance and stable operation.

Vertical quenching machine and high frequency heating power are used together, which is the best choice of quenching.
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