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Induction Annealing/Normalizing

Induction heating technology can realize metal material's bright/black annealing very fast.

It is mainly used for the online annealing of refrigerator cooling pipes, online annealing and online galvanization of heat sink cooling pipes, and online solution annealing of stainless steel products.

Low gas cost, low energy consumption.Annealed products are no out of shape, no shadow, no continuous solution.
The workpiece is heated to the appropriate temperature, according to the material and the workpiece size using different holding time, and then slow cooling (cooling the slowest) The purpose is to make the internal organization of metal or close to equilibrium, to obtain good process performance and performance, or To prepare for further quenching.

Annealing of various stainless steel products, such as stainless steel basin, annealed and extruded can, annealed folded edge, annealed sink, stainless steel tube, tableware, and cup.

Annealing of various other metal workpieces, such as golf ball head, cue, brass lock, hardware copper fitting, kitchen knife handle, blade, aluminum pan, aluminum pail, aluminum radiator and various aluminum products.

Following process of Induction annealing:

Online hot dip galvanizing: Mainly for the surface hot galvanizing for fridge's drain sleeve and other pipes
Fast working speed: 30-80m/min, the thick of galvanized face:4-10um;
Low zinc consumption: adopt small zinc bath to produce, no unnecessary Zn consumption, such as ZnO
Saving energy: this equipment integrate the high-frequency induction annealing & hot galvanzing,it can reduce the process of galvanize heating, so reduce the engrgy consumption greatly
High production quality:the galvanized face is even,bright & smooth.
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