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Shrink Fitting

Shrink fitting refers to the connection or disassembly of different metals or metal and nonmetal by heating metal through thermal expansion principle, is a technique in which an interference fit is achieved by a relative size change after assembly. This is usually achieved by heating or cooling one component before assembly and allowing it to return to the ambient temperature after assembly, employing the phenomenon of thermal expansion to make a joint.

With Induction shrink fitting to insert a component, we should heat the part slowly to achieve the desired expansion. However, when removing a component, we should heat the outside part quickly, to ensure that the heat does not penetrate to the inner component, that would also cause it to expand.

For instances, embedded welding of copper core of computer radiator with aluminum sheet and speaker web, a compound of steel and plastic tube, sealing of aluminum foil (toothpaste peel) motor rotor and sealing of tubular electric heating element, sliding bearing and fastener.

With induction shrink fitting, you can get heating speed what you need, no matter fast or slow, no oxidation, no discoloration, high efficiency and stable performance.
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