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What Are the Advantages of Induced Surface Hardening?

Induced surface hardening adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction to make parts cut magnetic line of force in alternating magnetic field and produce induction current on the surface. Then, heat the surface of parts quickly and quench in the form of eddy current. It occupies an important position in the field of heat treatment. This technology has been widely used in our country. Compared with the common surface quenching process, the induced surface hardening has many advantages, which are as follows:

What Are the Advantages of Induced Surface Hardening

1. The heat source of induced surface hardening power source is fast heating, high heating efficiency and easy to control the depth of the quenching layer on the surface of the workpiece.

2. The surface hardness of induced surface hardening is 2-3HRC higher than that of ordinary quenching, and it has lower brittleness, fatigue strength and impact toughness, and the general workpiece can improve the production of 20-30%.

3. The heating time of the workpiece is short, because it is not the whole heating, the deformation is small, the surface oxidation decarburization is little and the notch sensitivity is small. It is beneficial to develop the potential of materials, save material consumption and improve the service life of parts.

4. The induction heating quenching is easy to realize mechanization and automation, and the productivity is high. It is not only used in surface quenching but also in penetration heating and chemical heat treatment. The higher the current frequency of induction heating, the thinner the quenching layer is.

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