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Automatic Quench Equipment Will Eliminate Not Only A Job But Also A Skill

We all know that the latest development in artificial intelligence are likely to disrupt our labor market in two basic ways. First, it is a simple fact that most of automatic works will take the place of workers, thereby reducing the job opportunities. It means the places that need people to work are becoming less. The threat is easy to see and measure. The kind of situation that employers will introduce a large number of automatic equipment and clear away workers is obvious.

Automatic Quench Equipment

The second threat of automatic quench equipment is very subtle. Automation, though seemingly a substitute for workers, actually eliminates skills and makes skills useless. Employers are wise. They will consider their position and choose their best interests. Automatic quench equipment can work continuously, run without stopping and no need for rest. It will not be tired, sick, distracted or bored, and will not take a nap, ring up, or strike for better payment and working conditions. The device has no thought, no need to consider its psychological feelings, and speculate on it. In the meanwhile, the automation equipment in the workshop is also a reflection of a company's soft power.

Automatic Quench Equipment 1

The current situation is that technology has been developing rapidly. There is no doubt that surplus manual work and outdated skills will also become a byproduct of this era. Like I said, technology is not emotional, but the matter of innovation. Behind every innovation, there will always be a group of technical nerds who are obscure and silent. There is no best, only better. They have been striving for their great dream that is to revitalize the national brand and create the golden bell for the world of China's wisdom.
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