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High Frequency Induction Quenching Machine - Innovative Induction, What Makes It So Effective

More and more companies are choosing the high frequency induction quenching machine solution. The following four key reasons make it such an attractive option.

High frequency induction quenching machine

High frequency induction quenching machine

1.Efficient production

Induction heating quenching machine can be customized to reasonable production line according to your requirement,  be equipped with manipulator to realize the unmanned control workshop, and can even be aimed at precise controllability and repeatability of workpieces with complex geometric shapes. If the parts need to be tempered, we can offer different solutions.

2. Shortening material turnover period

Vertical design makes the high frequency induction quenching machine don't need a large space, and metal workpieces that require hard processing do not need to be sent to hardened smelters or hardening areas, effectively saving the time and labor costs of material turnover. Thus streamline administration.

3. Little impact on the environment

Induction heating is a kind of clean, non-open-fire and non-contact heat treatment technology. It only delivers heat accurately when it is needed most, so induction heating quenching is very effective for energy efficiency, especially compared with the waste of carburizing furnace. In addition, the cooling medium used in induction heating quenching is usually pure water or polymer emulsion, thereby avoiding the use of oil baths with environmental pollution. It is a good news for workshop environments. And induction quenching machine also helps to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

4. Complete control system

Induction hardening machine on each location corresponding to a workpiece, which means the hardness of each workpiece is relatively uniform and uniform, and the positioning is very precise. You don’t need to guard it. The complete PLC and CNC control system can help you determine the heating mode, heating time, production time, and each component of the hardening degree. With network connection, each component's parameters can be monitored and stored in your server.

These are the four key reasons why many companies choose to customize the high frequency induction quenching machine and high frequency induction heating equipment. Whether you accept it or not, it is a fact which cannot be denied.
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