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How Is The Induction Heating Equipment Heated

Induction heating is a non-contact heating process. It uses high frequency electric to heat conductive material. Since it is non-contact, the heating process will not contaminate the heated material. It's also a very efficient way of heating, because the heat is generated inside the workpiece. Compared with other heating methods, it is more efficient, energy-saving, material saving, environmental-friendly and safe. Therefore, induction heating is suitable for heat treatment applications in many metal industries.

The heat of Induction heating equipment is mainly generated by the metal itself. Induction heating equipment usually has a induction coil, and alternating current generates a very intense and rapidly changing magnetic field through the coil in the space of the working coil.

The heated workpiece is placed in this strong alternating magnetic field. According to the nature of the workpiece material, the heating time will be different, and the alternating magnetic field induces the current flow in the workpiece. The layout of the work coil and the workpiece can be considered as an electrical transformer. The working coil is mainly used for electric power transmission, and the workpiece is a single turn short circuit. This lead to huge currents which are also called vortexes flowing through the workpiece .

In addition, the high frequency induction heating equipment application produces a phenomenon known as the "skin effect". This skin effect forces the alternating current to flow on the surface of the workpiece. The skin effect increases the effective resistance of metal to large current channel. Therefore, it greatly increases the heating effect of the current caused by the workpiece.

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