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Which Accessories Affect the Price of Intermediate Frequency Forging Furnaces?

The development speed of the intermediate frequency forging furnace industry is getting faster and faster. Nowadays, my country's intermediate frequency forging furnace not only has good performance and reliable operation, but also the price is gradually open and transparent. There are many types and prices of intermediate frequency forging furnaces on the market. So what affects the price of intermediate frequency forging furnaces?

intermediate frequency forging furnace

The most important components on the intermediate frequency forging furnace are the thyristor and the power capacitor. First of all, the quality of the thyristors and power capacitors selected for the intermediate frequency forging furnaces manufactured by various manufacturers is reliable, but the manufacturers selected are different. Any manufacturer has a period of unstable quality, while the quality of large-scale enterprises is less affected. So there are still some differences and fluctuations in prices.

There are other small components of the intermediate frequency forging furnace: such as capacitors, resistors, plastic wires, water-cooled cables, water pipes, various transformers, etc., there will be price differences in the selection. Power distribution cabinet: On-track products should be equipped with power distribution cabinets equipped with automatic switches. Low-cost equipment is not included. Capacitor cabinet: Users of low-cost equipment need to deal with the placement and fixing of capacitors by themselves. Water pipe clamp: good stainless steel water pipe clamp for normal equipment, while low-cost equipment can use ordinary iron wire. and many more. Then the price of the intermediate frequency forging furnace is also different.
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