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The Principle of High Frequency Welding

High frequency welding equipment is widely used today, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also protect the environment. Although there are many customers using this high frequency welding equipment, the principle of high frequency welding is not clear to everyone. So, let's talk about the principle of high frequency welding today.

The principle of high frequency welding is that the skin effect of the high-frequency current can concentrate the high-frequency electric energy on the surface of the weldment, and the proximity effect can control the position and range of the high-frequency current flow route.
Principle of High Frequency Welding
When the high-frequency current is required to be concentrated on a certain part of the weldment, this requirement can be achieved as long as the conductor and the welding form a current loop and the conductor is close to this part on the weldment, so that they form adjacent conductors with each other. High frequency welding is based on the specific form and special requirements of the weldment structure, mainly using the skin effect and the proximity effect, so that the surface metal of the weldment layer to be welded can be quickly heated to achieve welding.

high frequency welding

Lihua Induction, a manufacturer of high frequency welding equipment, has quickly become the preferred welding partner in the small household appliance industry, bathroom industry, pipe industry, and metal hardware industry by providing energy-saving, convenient and intelligent welding equipment solutions.
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