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Commonly used process methods for brazing

There are many common process methods for brazing, and they are widely used. The common methods are as follows:
1. Soldering iron brazing
Used for brazing small simple or very thin parts.
2. Wave brazing
Used for assembly and soldering of a large number of printed electronic components and circuit boards. The molten solder at about 250°C forms a wave crest through the narrow seam, and the workpiece is welded through the wave crest. This kind of brazing has high productivity and can realize automated assembly line production.
3. Flame brazing
Brazing is performed by using a flame in which combustible gas and oxygen are mixed and combusted as a heat source. The advantage is that the equipment is simple and the operation is convenient, and it is mainly suitable for welding small and medium parts such as bicycle frames.

flame brazing

4. Dip brazing
Part or whole of the workpiece is immersed in a solder bath covered with flux and heated for welding. The advantage is that the heating is uniform and rapid, and the temperature control is more accurate, which is suitable for mass production. The disadvantage is that a large amount of flux often remains on the workpiece after welding, and the cleaning workload is large.
5. Induction brazing
It is a welding method that uses high frequency, intermediate frequency or power frequency induced current as the heat source. The split-and-close induction coil can be brazed on site far away from the power source, and is especially suitable for the brazing production of some large components.

induction brazing

6. Brazing in the furnace
After assembling the brazing filler metal, put the workpiece in the furnace for heating and welding. Brazing flux needs to be added, which can be protected with inert gas, and the heating is more uniform.
7. Vacuum brazing
As the name suggests, it is the heating and brazing of the workpiece in the vacuum chamber, which is mainly used for the welding of high-quality products and easily oxidized materials.

The brazing method is as described above and can be selected as required. Brazing has been widely used in machinery, motors, meters, and radios. Our company produces induction heating machines, which can be used for induction brazing. Welcome to consult.
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