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What Problems Should We Pay Attention to When Using Vertical NC Quenching Machine?

Vertical numerical control quenching machine is generally applicable to induce heating and quenching of shaft, disc, pin, gear and other parts. I would like to share with you that what problems should we pay attention to when using it?

Vertical numerical control quenching machine

1.Before the operation of the vertical numerical control quenching machine, it is necessary to check whether the water flow and water pressure in each cooling road in the equipment are in a normal state. The nuts of the connecting bolts need to be fasten frequently to prevent the phenomenon of bad contact and cause the bad effect on the parts.

2.The vertical numerical control quenching machine needs to be carefully maintained. This is the key to prolong the service life of the quenching machine, and the important prerequisite for the workers to work safely. The whole process of the quenching machine is carried out under high temperature, high pressure and strong current, so it is necessary to clean the room which is placed in the quenching machine regularly.

3. The operation of vertical numerical control quenching machine: the workers should have regular maintenance for the pump motor and the hydraulic station motor in the system that can use water for cooling. Besides, clean the hydraulic oil regularly to guarantee the use of the quenching machine in normal condition, and provide the water and oil needed in the process of work. What’s more, it is necessary to test the specified voltage and rated current of the quenching machine, so that regular inspection can prevent the circuit from appearing short circuit.

The vertical CNC quenching machine tool of Lihua Machine adopts numerical control technology, which has the function of connecting, simultaneously, segmented and segmented, and configuring integrated quenching liquid cycle cooling system. The profile structure machine body has high automation degree. The CNC system or PLC conversion speed control system can locate and scan the workpiece. Besides, it can connect to the power through PLC and achieve fully automated production.
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