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How to Use Induction Heating Equipment Reasonably to Extend Its Service Life?

Induction heating equipment is more and more widely used. How to use induction heating equipment reasonably to extend its service life is important. The following six points can make the equipment "longevity":

1. Blow off the induction heating equipment regularly with compressed air or a fan, preferably once a week.
2. Clean the water circuit of the induction heating equipment with a special descaling agent every 3-6 months. When the machine frequently alarms the water temperature and the water flow at the outlet is found to be significantly reduced, it should be cleaned immediately.
induction heating equipment
3. Strictly implement the principle of connecting water first and then electricity. Water shortage is strictly prohibited during work. The water quality and pressure of the cooling water inside the induction heating equipment and the inductor must meet the requirements.
4. Keep the inductor and multi-turn inductor clean to prevent short circuit between turns. The induction heating equipment can only be replaced after the heating is stopped. The contact surface of the transformer and the connecting plate of the sensor shall be cleaned with sandpaper to ensure a good contact.

welding by induction heating equipment

5. Ensure that the casing of the induction heating equipment is reliably grounded in accordance with electrical specifications. Connect water first, check the water pressure and whether there is water leakage, and then power on. The panel power switch can be turned on only when the panel DC voltmeter shows above 500V.
6. Induction heating equipment should avoid sunlight, humidity, dust, exposure and rain, etc.

As long as you pay attention to the above six details during use, you can reasonably extend the service life of the induction heating equipment and avoid many operational hazards.
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