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What Are the Types of Induction Heating Coils?

The function of the induction heating coil is to transfer the energy of the induction heating equipment to the workpiece, so that eddy currents are generated on the surface of the workpiece, and then workpiece is heated. The induction coil is connected to the output terminal of the transformer of the induction heating power supply.
induction coil
Induction coils are divided into the following categories:
1. Single-turn spiral induction coil
Round tube single turn, square tube single turn, copper plate single turn, large square single turn.
2. Multi-turn induction coil
a) The general number of turns is proportional to the length of the heated part of the workpiece;
b) The copper pipes between adjacent turns are not allowed to contact the surface of the copper pipes;
c) The pitch should not exceed twice the diameter of the copper tube of the wound induction coil;
d) The number of turns of the induction coil needs to be matched with the load of the equipment;
e) Glass fiber, high temperature resistant paint or enamel can be used to prevent short circuit of the induction coil between turns.
induction coil
3. Flat induction coil: used to heat workpieces with round, oval and square shapes.
4. Series induction coil: It is formed by connecting two or more single-turn or multi-turn coils.
5. Tunnel induction coil: automatic or semi-automatic induction heating, combined with rotating work or conveyor.
6. Special induction coil: induction coil suitable for special parts processing.
7. Split induction coil: It can solve the problem of low heating power and difficult heating of complex and large workpieces, improve coupling power and improve heating uniformity.
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