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What Aspects Should be Paid Attention to in Induction Brazing of Dissimilar Metals?

When the high frequency induction brazing machine performs welding heat treatment on the workpiece, its heat treatment quality is affected by many factors, one of the most important factors is the welding process.

induction brazing

For induction brazing of dissimilar metals, in addition to welding according to the same metal induction brazing process and operating points, the following points should also be noted:
1) Selection of solder and flux: The solder should be selected according to the materials of the two base materials and the requirements for the use of brazing joints. The selected flux should be able to remove the oxides on the surfaces of the two weldments at the same time and improve the wetting effect of the liquid solder on them.

induction brazing

2) Selection of the reserved gap for brazing joints: when the brazing joint adopts the sleeve connection form, if the linear expansion coefficient of the sleeved part is greater than that of the outer sleeve part, the reserved gap should be increased; on the contrary, the reserved gap should be appropriately reduced. It reserves a gap.
3) Heating during brazing of dissimilar metals: When dissimilar metals are brazed by high-frequency induction brazing machine, because the thermal conductivity of the two kinds of weldments is different, the weldment with high thermal conductivity should be used when heating, so as to ensure The temperature of the welded joint is uniform.
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