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Application Limitations of Induction Hardening

The induction hardening process has its special application limitations, which is related to the objective law of magnetic field distribution, and is specifically analyzed for specific parts.

1. Complicated section parts
For example, the gear shaft of a gearbox contains multiple gears, multiple steps and bearing positions. The use of induction hardening requires many procedures and is difficult, and it is not suitable from a cost point of view. There are also parts with sharp corners in the hardened area, induction hardening is very difficult, carburizing or other chemical heat treatment should be used.

2. Thin-walled parts
Carburizing and quenching can quench a very thin layer of hardened layer, and the core hardness is low to ensure toughness. Induction hardening may be brittle due to hardening.

induction hardening

3. Small parts
Each part of induction hardening requires the steps of loading and unloading, heating, cooling, etc., which is not economical for very small parts. Carburizing and quenching can be installed in batches, with high output and low cost.

4. Single piece production
Induction hardening requires the production of different inductors for different parts, which does not have economic advantages for small-volume production.

induction hardening

The material requirements of induction hardening are lower than that of carburizing and quenching, so they are often ignored. The material selection process must not only consider whether it can be quenched to the required hardness and quenching depth, but also pay attention to the chemical composition, grain size, impurities and other indicators of the material. These factors also have a great impact on the performance of the parts. The induction hardened steel should be treated according to the requirements for carburizing steel. The heating time of induction hardening is short, and the alloy composition is too late to be homogenized, so preliminary heat treatment is required. Induction hardening is usually surface hardening, and the structure and other indexes of the core must be achieved in the preliminary heat treatment process.
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