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How to Properly Protect the Magnetic Field When Brazing With High Frequency Induction Welding Machine?

When operating a high-frequency induction welding machine, safety should be the first priority. When using a high-frequency induction welding machine to perform induction brazing on a workpiece, strict protective measures must be taken against high-frequency electromagnetic field leakage to reduce environmental pollution and harm to the human body to a level that is harmless. How to take safety measures?
high frequency induction welding machine
1. Anti-high frequency. Production practice experience shows that the most effective protection for high-frequency induction welding machines is to effectively shield the electromagnetic field leaked from them. Generally, the overall shielding is adopted, and the high-frequency induction welding machine is placed in the shielded room, and the operator operates in the shielded room.

high frequency induction welding machine

2. Prevent electric shock. For the safety of the high-frequency induction welding machine, it is required to install a dedicated grounding wire, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4Ω. Around the equipment, especially the worker's operating position, should be laid with 35kV insulation rubber sheet. Equipment maintenance generally does not allow live operation. The main power supply must be cut off first, and each capacitor bank must be discharged with a discharge rod before maintenance work is allowed.

3. Check the cooling water system carefully before starting the operation of the high-frequency induction welding machine. Only when the water cooling system is working normally, the electricity is allowed.
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