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What is the Difference Between Overall Quenching Equipment and Local Quenching Equipment

Quenching the workpiece is to increase the hardness, wear resistance and external force resistance of the workpiece. The quenching of the workpiece is divided into overall quenching and local quenching, which literally means the relationship between the overall and local quenching of the workpiece. Overall quenching is to quench the workpiece as a whole, and the hardness of each part of the workpiece is the same. Partial quenching is to quench only a part of the workpiece, and the hardness of other parts of the workpiece is different. These two types of different quenching process applications have different quenching equipment in practice, and the overall quenching equipment and local quenching equipment are good representatives.


There are obvious differences between intermediate frequency overall quenching equipment and intermediate frequency local quenching equipment, but there are many similarities between the two. They are all made of the applied induction heating principle, and the operation is the same. They all place the workpiece to be quenched in the induction coil, and the temperature is instantly increased by the current to reach the required temperature. After the quenching is completed, quickly take out the workpiece and turn off the power of the equipment. In addition to the same working principle, the advantages of overall quenching equipment and local quenching equipment also have many similarities.
1. The equipment has a high degree of automation, which can complete automatic unmanned operation and improve labor productivity.
2. The equipment uses uniform heating, high heating efficiency and high temperature control accuracy.
3. The equipment is equipped with maintenance systems such as water temperature, water pressure, phase loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, etc., and the maintenance is complete, so that the equipment can be started smoothly, the protection is reliable, rapid, and the operation is stable.
4. The energy consumption of the equipment is low, the use is in line with the requirements of environmental protection, and there is no pollution.
5. The heating speed of the equipment is fast, and the oxidative decarbonization is less.


If you need overall quenching, choose the overall quenching equipment, if you only need to quench a part of the workpiece, choose the local quenching equipment, and choose the appropriate quenching equipment according to the customer's requirements for the workpiece. When quenching the same workpiece, the speed of local quenching is much faster, it will not cause oxidation to other parts of the workpiece, the work efficiency is higher, and the yield is also higher.
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