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What is the Difference Between Hardware Tools such as Hammers and Wrenches Before and After High-frequency Quenching

My country's quenching process has a long history, and many people may not have a specific understanding of quenching. I believe that when you watch ancient dramas, especially martial arts dramas, you must have seen such a scene: a knight went to a famous blacksmith in a small town. , To cast a sword, the blacksmith will put the red-burning sword body in water to cool it when making the sword body. This process is called "quenching", and quenching is an important part of forging iron cavalry. When describing a sword in film and television dramas, it is usually said that it "cuts iron like mud". In fact, a good sword should be hard but not brittle, sharp enough and tough enough. The point of the pipe fittings is in the process of quenching. .


Now we rarely see artificially cast swords, but hammers and wrenches are more common in life. In fact, metal workpieces such as wrenches and hammers also need to be quenched.

What is the difference between hardware tools such as hammers and wrenches before high-frequency quenching and after quenching? In life, hammers and wrenches are commonly used hardware tools. Some people report that these hardware tools are not durable and have not been used for a long time. , the surface is ground and out of shape, and new workpieces need to be replaced, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive, and everyone begins to doubt whether there is a problem with the quality of these workpieces. In fact, for metal workpieces, 99% of them need to be heat treated to improve their surface properties to strengthen their surface hardness and improve their service life. Therefore, hardware tools such as hammers and wrenches also need heat treatment to strengthen the hardware. Then why are the hammers and wrenches still easy to break after heat treatment? This is the problem of the selected heat treatment equipment.


After the hardware tools such as hammers and wrenches are heat treated by the high-frequency quenching equipment, the hardness will be greatly improved, because the high-frequency quenching equipment of the hardware tools quickly obtains the heat required by the metal through the induced current, and is also designed with automatic water spray cooling. The device, which is the application of the tempering process, solves the brittleness of the workpiece after high temperature heat treatment, so that the hardware tool is not only high in hardness, but also more wear-resistant and durable.
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