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Lihua High Frequency Quenching Machine is Expected to Intelligentize Industry Circle

From the development trend of modern society, in the future, whether factory or other various fields, all can not escape the command of high technology and intelligence. The era of machine substitutions has come, now most of the manufacturers have used the high frequency quenching equipment, it is enough to prove that, in the era of science and technology, if you cannot follow the footsteps of the era, you will be eliminated in the end. This era is cruel, but it is also fair.

High Frequency Quenching Machine

High frequency quenching machine is a new type of quenching machine developed by Lihua for many years in the field of induction heating and quenching. According to different location in the market, it has been improved. This automatic quenching line is used for induction hardening of shaft, disc, pin, gear and other components. It has the functions of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, interrupted continuous quenching, interrupted simultaneous quenching and so on.

High Frequency Quenching Machine 1
As a big manufacturing country, China is facing the pressure and responsibility of the transformation and upgrading. For a long time, the manufacturing industry in China still depends on the advantages of low cost labor force to compete, and does not exert enough efforts in research and development, technology and other aspects, and the quality of products also need greatly improvement. China's manufacturing advantage will be hit by the increase in labor costs. Therefore, the high frequency quenching machine should be used more widely even if the economy and efficiency are considered only. On the one hand, in transformation and upgrading of China manufacturing, in order to achieve a higher level, we need to ensure the quality of products through automation equipment; on the other hand, in order to adapt to the reduction of the number of labor force and the rising cost of production, enterprises also need to plan for "machine substitution", so that we can maintain the core competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing.
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