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Professional Knowledge of Induction Brazing Equipment

The induction brazing system can provide automatic welding of magnetic - grade coil and wire rod. It can shorten the process time and improve the welding quality. It is a high-tech product with precise performance.

The operation of induction brazing equipment is a brazing process which relies on the workpiece to generate the inductive current in the alternating current magnetic field. Because the heat is generated by the workpiece itself, the heating is fast, the workpiece is less brazing than brazing furnace, and it can prevent the grain growth and recrystallization of the mother material. In addition, local heating of the workpiece can be realized. When the induction brazing is done, the workpiece is placed inside the sensor (or attached). When the alternating current passes through the sensor, the alternating magnetic field is generated around it. Because of the electromagnetic induction, the workpiece is rapidly heated by induction current in the workpiece.

Professional Knowledge of Induction Brazing Equipment

The quality of the induction brazing process is impeccable and stable from the pure hand-completed brazing to the fully automated brazing system. Because energy can be accurately replicated and heated locally, therefore, the possibility of uncontrollable thermal influence on peripheral components is completely excluded.

The above is the professional knowledge of the induction brazing equipment provided by Lihua. If there is any doubt, we can directly consult our online customer service or call our service hotline, Lihua will serve you.

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