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Lihua Technology(HK) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Lihua Technology(HK) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech private enterprise specialized in induction heating machine and induction brazing equipment, integrating the research and development, design, production, sale and after-sales service. we invited Liu Shizhou, the chairman and senior professor of Guangdong Province Welding Society, as our technical consultant. Meanwhile gathered much personnel who is engaged in induction heating industry, heat treatment industry, and brazing industry.

Our company has a strong production and development system, process system. Reliable quality, complete supporting and excellent performance are the main characteristics of our Products.According to the customer's needs, we design, manufacture various types of brazing equipment, induction heating equipment, heat treatment equipment, welding equipment, special automation equipment, to meet customer needs in the practical production, such as different voltage levels in different countries, we developed corresponding input voltage for the induction heating equipment and automation equipment.

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Our Products are widely used in hot metal processing, metal plastic, household appliances, plumbing, sanitary ware, refrigeration, automotive, communications, medical equipment, weapons industry and other industries need to source equipment forming, welding, quenching, annealing, melting, heat matching process. At present already equipment with a full set of induction heating equipment, welding equipment and automation equipment for Midea, Galanz, Super, ASD, Shanghai Electric Group, Sheng Yang, Yufeng, Sanyi, Shunfa, Kangsheng, Shunda, Hitachi, Hualu and other hundreds of famous enterprise, and got the user's high evaluation.

"Touch China with Quality, Touch the World with Credit" is the business idea of Lihua Company. We always pursue professional and excellence. With advanced technology and mature technology to win customers trust and support. Strive to implement and promote quality control system for producing zero defect Products, established a perfect marketing and after-sales service system in China.

Our company sticks to the principle of "credit, providing the first class services and establishing the first class image", following the tenet of "Creating Wealth for Customers, and Creating Value for the Society", our company does our best to provide the latest and the most comprehensive techniques and services for old and new customers.

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Company Profile
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