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LHF-200 Forging Machine

  • LHF-200 Forging Machine
  • LHF-200 Forging Machine
  • LHF-200 Forging Machine
  • LHF-200 Forging Machine
200 kW, Solid State Based Medium Frequency (Dual) Induction Heating Power Supply Unit.
  • 100% Solid State Design.
  • Low Electric noise.
  • Fast Response
  • Highly reliable and efficient voltage source inverter.
  • Series tank circuit
  • Simple and field proven control circuits
  • Compact, modular design

Distilled Water Re-circulation system for power supply and Induction coil Cooling.
  • Non-ferrous pump
  • SS type heat exchanger
  • Water reservoir tank
  • Complete non – ferrous plumbing
  • Necessary instruments & gauges

Induction coil suitable for your given copper billet.
  • 20,36,63,90 mm Coil
  • Two hole coil for 2 output at a time The Induction coils will be constructed with electrolytic copper tubing wound to tight tolerance to provide high electrical efficiency. The Induction coil will be water cooled through the distilled water re circulating system.

Mechanical Handling system consist of
  • Slant Loader
  • “V” guide track with Pusher Cylinder at entry side of Induction coil
  • Fast Extractor & Stopper.

  • Two Colour Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometer.
  • Display Unit.
  • Required Cable between Pyrometer & Display Unit.

Operator Control Box
  • A control console is a separate unit which is positioned near to your operating area. Max. 6 meter long cable will be provided to place operator control box to suitable position. It incorporates remote controls for the inverter and all the necessary indications for handling system.

3 Way Accept/Reject System
  • Induction heating machine/ Coil - Water Input pipes in blue colour with easily press fit joints & Water outlet pipes in red colour with easily press fit joints.
  • External Inlet and outlet cooling water pressure gauges.
  • Input Power Factor >0.98 at any load.
  • Online measurement of Water conductivity with display & interlock.
  • Multi-Function Energy Meter to see power factor, unit consumption (kWH), voltage, current, power, frequency etc…
  • 95% power supply efficiency

Technical Specifications

  • Program Induction Heating
  • Application Induction Billet Heating prior to forging
  • Job Size As per below billet chart
  • Material Grade Copper & Aluminium
  • Temperature 250 – 950 Degree
  • kW Proposed 200 kW
  • Frequency Proposed Dual Frequency
  • Equipment Type Solid State Medium Frequency Power Supply
  • Input Mains: 250 kVA, 415 VAC ± 6%, 50 Hz, 3 –Phase Aux. : 20 kVA, 415 VAC ± 6%, 50 Hz, 3 –Phase. Equipment will give power factor of 0.95+ at any power level. Equipment is based latest technology voltage fed type equipment.

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