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CNC Vertical Digital Quenching Equipment

This vertical hardening machine is new generation customized super high-frequency induction quenching machine, it is aimed at increasing the hardness of shaft surface. It can use to quenching different products with different diameter and height (need change inductor). This machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC which contains Manual and AUTO control mode, it can save several formulas for quenching different products.

Features of CNC Vertical Digital Quenching Equipment:

  • Subvert the traditional analog control mode, combine IGBT, DSP, ARM technology, create a new generation of intelligent, high efficient, energy saving and more stable and reliable digital induction quenching equipment.
  • Using DSP/ARM digital chip to overall digital accurate control.
  • With continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, sectional continuous quenching, subsection quenching and other heating curve programming, to achieve fully automated production.
  • The heating time can be accurately controlled to 0.1 seconds.
  • Fully control the processing situation, display the working current, processing time, processing frequency and other parameters.
  • The interface is multiple and can be directly incorporated into RS485, Profibus, CANbus and other industrial buses.
  • The remote online monitoring of equipment status is realized by PC software.
  • With industrial grade memory card to store the real-time heating information (current, time, alarming), the information can be reproduced, searched, analyzed through the"state query software".
  • Integration of quenching liquid circulation cooling system is configurable.
Induction quenching for precision parts such as shaft, disk, pin, gear, guide rail and so on.
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