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Copper Tube Joint Brazing Machine

Our brazing technology is in the leading position in china, we specially develops high frequency induction brazing machine for household appliances, refrigeration, aviation, aerospace, communications, information, plumbing sanitary ware and other industries.

Our brazing equipment equips with IGBT transistor high frequency generator, automatic operating controlling, has the advantages of high efficiency, safe and reliable, long service life, equipping with infrared automatic temperature measuring system, automatic clamping, automatic positioning, stable operation, simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.

It is mainly used in large scale transistor induction heating brazing in sanitary ware industry, automobile industry and instrument industry.

  • Large IGBT induction generator 30KW、60KW、80KW、100KW;
  • Automatic control: Automatic control of PLC program;
  • Infrared temperature measurement
  • It can run continuously for 24 hours and it is safe and reliable
  • Automatic blanking by manipulator solves the problem of flame brazing by manual , reduces labor intensity and improves productivity and quality.
  • The heating program can be programmed to realize automatic heating.
  • This series equipment includes 2-stations brazing equipment, 3-stations sliding brazing equipment ,6-stations rotary brazing machine, 12-stations brazing machine
  • For special-shaped workpiece, we designed open type inductor. Our inductor has complete variety and reliable welding.
  • Applicable to copper,aluminum,stainless steel and other metal materials
  • According to customer’s needs, we can customize semi-automation/full-automation brazing equipment.
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