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High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

The selection of the high-frequency induction heating equipment is related to the heating depth of the heating layer required by the workpiece. The workpiece with deep heating layer should use a generator with low frequency.The workpiece with shallow heating layer should use a generator with high frequency. 
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Another condition for selecting the generator is the power of the device.The device power needs to be increased according to the increase of heating surface area. When the heating surface area is too large but the heating power is insufficient, you can use continuous heating to make the workpiece and inductor move relatively, heating in front and cooling behind. But it's better to heat the whole heating surface at one time. This can make the hardened surface tempered by using the residual heat of the workpiece's heart, thus simplifying the process and saving the electric energy.The main function of induction heating quenching machine tool is to locate the workpiece and carry out the necessary movement. The quenching machine can be divided into standard quenching machine and special quenching machine. The standard quenching machine is suitable for general workpieces and the special quenching machine is suitable for large quantities of complicated workpieces. Working frequency 30-80KHZ Power 15KW-160KW Other power and frequency can be customized according to the heating requirement. 

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