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Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Induction heating is a non-contact heating. It uses electromagnetic induction to make eddy currents inside the heated material, and rely on the energy of these eddy current to achieve the purpose of heating. Induction heating has a broad application prospect in the fields of metal hot processing, welding, melting and so on. detail
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IGBT medium frequency induction heating generator is mainly used with heating equipment. This new generator is a voltage type inverter with series resonant output, the inverter parts adopts IGBT Transistor module. The main features of this equipment are constant power output, faster-melting speed. The power saving effect is more significant. Protection measures are comprehensive, such as over current, over voltage, lack water, and lack phase. Under the condition of smelting speed, the operation of the equipment is reliable. Simple manipulation, suitable for all kinds of forging process.

Working frequency: 1-20KHZ 
Power: 15KW-160KW
Other power and frequency can be customized according to the heating requirement

Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Machine
Above specification is for reference only, exact specification will be based on the LIHUA
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