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LH-100AB High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Induction heating has obvious advantages over energy conservation, environmental protection and safety when being compared to the traditional flame heating process.

Induction heating is more efficiency and has higher yield per unit time than flame heating. Its heating efficiency is 30%-50% higher than flame heating. High heating efficiency can decrease burning consumption of metal surface and save material and costs, especially for heating precious metal, for example, generally speaking, metal burning loss percent of induction heating is 0.5% while metal burning loss percent of flame heating is 1%-3%, which means induction heating can save 2% material consumption.

The most outstanding advantage of induction heating is producing no fire, thus avoiding the dangerous matters like fire and explosion to enhance security. At the same time, the production of flue gas and smoke like carbon monoxide, carbon oxide and sulfur oxide can be avoided. It also produces little radiant energy and low noise, thus bringing a healthy work environment.

Weld ( braze welding, silver-alloy brazing, copper brazing)
  • It mainly connects the same or different metal by heating it to a uniform temperature, its specific application are as follows:
  • The welding of various hardware cutter: the welding of diamond cutter, grinding apparatus, drilling rig, alloy blade, hard alloy turning cutter, milling cutter, reamer, planer cutter and solid center bit.
  • The welding of various hardware machinery accessories: the silver-alloy brazing and copper brazing of hardware sanitary product, air-conditioned copper fittings, lamp fittings, precision mould fittings, hardware handle, eggbeater, drill, alloy and steel, steel, copper.
  • The welding of compound bottom of pot: it is used for the three layer brazing of round, square and other special flat stainless steel bottom of pot. Besides, it can be used for the braze of other metal surface.
  • The welding of heating plate of electric kettle and coffeepot: it is used for the brazing of stainless steel bottom, aluminum sheet and various shape of electric heated tube.

Heating (hot forging, shrinkage fit, smelting)
  • Hot forging means to heat work pieces to a uniform temperature(the temperature is different according to the materials)and forge it to other shapes through punching and forging machine or other tools. For example, the hot extrusion of watchcase, watch blank, mould accessory, dinnerware, art ware, standard component, fastener, machine part, bronze lock, rivet, steel chisel, drilling tool and etc.
  • Shrinkage fit means to connect metal with metal or nonmetal by heating metal, thus connecting them according to the theory of thermal expansion and heat dissolution. For example, copper core and aluminum sheet of computer radiator, welding and inserting of speaker grill, compound of plastic-steel, the sealing of aluminum foil( toothpaste tube), motor rotor and sealing of heated tube.
  • Smelting means to melt metal into liquid by heating. It is mainly used for melting Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc and the melting of various precious metal like Gold and Silver.

Heat treatment( surface hardening, anneal(temper, solution)
  • It mainly used for changing the hardness of metal material through heat treatment, its applications are as follows:
  • Various hardware tools, hand tools quenching process: such as the quenching of pliers, wrench, hammer, axe, screwdrivers, scissor(gardening).
  • Various auto spare parts and motorcycle spare parts quenching process: such as the quenching of bent axle, connecting rod, piston pin, chain wheel, valve, rockshaft, jack shaft, small shaft and shifting fork.
  • Various electric tool quenching process: such as gear and axes quenching.
  • Machine tool industry quenching process: such as the face of machine tool, the guide rail of machine tool industry quench processing.
  • Various hardware metal parts and machined component quenching process: such as the quenching of type of axle, gear(chain wheel), cam, chuck and fixture.
  • Hardware module industry quenching process: such as the quenching of small mould, mould accessory and mould inner bore.
  • Various annealing process of stainless steel industry: Such as stainless steel basin, stainless steel tube, stainless steel tableware, stainless steel cup and water tank, annealing stretching & annealing curling of pot, etc.
  • The annealing of other metal parts, like brassie, ball arm, copper tapered end, hardware copper fittings, hilt, blade, aluminum pot, aluminum barrel, aluminum radiator and other aluminum products.



Output current


oscillation frequency


Heating time

1-99s(Auto mode)

Input voltage

3- phase380V, 50HZ/60HZ

Loading rate


Cooling method

Water cooling


Host machine102KG

transformer 74KG

Cooling water flow



Host machine 




Above specification is for reference only, exact specification will be based on the LIHUA lastest information.
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