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Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine

Most of ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment is used for the surface hardening of industrial metal parts, it produces a certain induction current on the surface of the workpiece, and is a metal heat treatment method for rapid heating and rapid quenching on the surface of a part.
Ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment has the function of high frequency (heating and welding minimum 0.1mm workpiece), small volume, light weigh and energy saving (saving 70% than the glass ceramic tube high frequency machine), and the welding points are beautiful and delicate, the weld shape is almost not restricted, the surface pattern will not be damaged, the internal crystal structure of the metal won’t be changed , the annealing range is small, no welding scar, and is widely used in metal glass manufacturing, welding connector electrical in electronic industry, no contacting welding in the small internal relay , high pressure resistance welding in refrigeration industry,the welding between components and metal accessories and manufacturing process in jewelry industry.
Ultrahigh frequency induction heating is the development trend of modern heating equipment, it is provided with heating quickly and evenly, no pollution, high efficiency and other advantages. Not it has widely used in many fields of the national economy, including smelting solid metal, welding, purifying the semiconductor, food and medicine and other fields, induction of the family expenses is also the principle of using induction heating. At present, induction heating is to the development of high frequency induction heating, large-capacity, automation and other aspects.

Working frequency 100-1100KHZ 
Power 3KW-60KW
Other power and frequency can be customized according to the heating requirement.

Above specification is for reference only, exact specification will be based on the LIHUA
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