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Why Use Induction Heating?
1. Induction heating speed is very fast, can greatly improve production efficiency.The interior of the workpiece can generate heat directly and rapidly. (For example, it can reach more than 1000 ℃ in 1 second)
2. This unique process can convert 90% energy into effective heat, twice as more as a traditional heating furnace. And since induction heating does not need to preheat and cool the beat, it can minimize the loss of heat energy.
3. Induction heating eliminates inconsistencies and quality problems associated with flames, flame blowing, and other heating methods
4. Induction heating is adapted to heat the workpiece without direct contact. Instead, it generates an induction current in the workpiece by alternating current. Therefore, it minimizes heat deformation and rejection rate of products. In order to improve product quality, the workpiece can be sealed in a vacuum environment, or a closed container filled with inert gas or reducing gases to eliminate the oxidation.
5. Induction heating is a GREEN process, which is a benefit to environmental protection.Induction heating system does not produce smoke, heat wave, toxic gas and noise, which can improve workers' working conditions.Induction heating is safe and efficient and does not produce open fire which can threaten workers' safety or adversely affect the process.It will not affect the non-conductive material, thus this material can be placed near the heating area, will not be damaged.
Why choose induction brazing?
Induction Brazing Traditional Brazing
Workers can weld after simple training Welding technician require high skills
The solder cost can be controlled High cost, the consumption of solder&gas is subject to welder’s experience
Welding time can be controlled Heating temperature can't be controlled
No waste gas, clean welding environment Bad welding environment, produce waste gas and harmful to people's health
No hidden danger Gas storage is hidden danger
Fast heating
Can be made into automation equipment
Steady welding performance

How to choose a suitable induction heater?
Induction heaters have many different models with different power and frequency.
1. Regarding the frequency, the higher frequency, the shallower heating depth, the lower frequency, the deeper heating depth.
2. Regarding the power, the higher power, the faster heating speed, the lower power, the slower heating speed.
3. If you still don't know how to choose the heater, please check with our salesman before you place the order.
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