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The Application in Machinery Industry

High frequency induction heating can be applied to heat treatment of metal surface, and the effect is significantly improved than that of traditional treatment. Its main advantages are including as flowing: 1. there is no need to heat the whole component, it has small deformation and low power consumption; 2. it does no harm;3. the heating speed is fast, and the surface of the industrial component is oxidized and decarbonization degree is not very serious; 4. the surface hardened layer can be easy to adjust and control according to the demands; 5. the heating equipment can be installed on the production line of mechanical processing, and it’s easy to realize mechanization and automation, which helps to manage, and reduce transportation, save manpower and improve production efficiency.

Induction quenching and tempering of marine engine crankshaft are used in the shipbuilding industry. And the induction heating also is used for thermal correction of steel plate distortion. Heavy machinery induction heat treatment parts have transmission large modulus gear and excavator shovel plate, etc. The textile machinery, spindles and other parts adopt the super audio frequency heating furnace to do the induction quenching and tempering. In the metallurgical industry, double frequency induction quenching is used for rolls; such as the same induction quenching way of some large module gears and the induction annealing or tempering of steel pipe welds. In industrial machine tool industry, induction quenching parts consist of gearbox, spindle, speed shifting fork, surface of guide rail and wearable parts of various small parts of main axle box. In other parts, such as quenching of various mechanical parts and heat treatment about tempering, annealing and normalizing after quenching. It also can be applied to the heat transfer before the press working.

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