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The Application in Welding Industry

When the welding is preheated, some welding materials need to be preheated to a certain temperature to reach the strength of the welding. The traditional heating methods are mostly heated by open fire, and the heating time is long. (especially in particular, some large industrial and commercial welding, such as shipbuilding, oil drilling platform), poor heating effect, inaccurate temperature control, bad working environment and other adverse factors. And the use of electromagnetic heating can be easily solved. At present, most of these large-scale equipment are imported from outside countries, the single unit is expensive (millions of one unit). And the domestic equipment has also begun to enter the market in recent years, and technology is has been becoming mature.

In addition, induction heating also has the following applications in welding.
1. The process of the welding of mine tools, such as "one" word drill head, column tooth bit, swallow tail briquette bit, riveting rod bit, all kinds of shearer's cutting teeth, all kinds of boring machine cutting teeth welding.
2. The process of Welding of woodworking tools, such as welding of various woodworking planing knives, milling cutters and all kinds of woodworking bits.
3. Welding of diamond cutters, welding of carbide saw blades and welding of diamond tools, abrasives and drill tools. It
4. The process of Welding of cemented carbide tools for mechanical processing. Welding tools such as turning tools, planing knives, milling cutters, reamers and so on.
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