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The Application

1. The heat treatment of induction quenching

1. The high frequency quenching on the surface of gears (pulley shaft and driving wheel);
2. The quenching heat treatment and quenching machine tools for shaft parts.
3. The high frequency, intermediate frequency and ultra high frequency surface hardening of spline shaft (inner spline);
4. The medium frequency surface quenching and heat treatment of the semi axle of the automobile;
5. The high frequency surface quenching and heat treatment of the boring bar;
6. Multiple spindle high frequency quenching heat treatment of machine tool spindle.
7. High frequency surface hardening of drill pipe and core tube;
8. Surface induction quenching for intermediate frequency and super audio of straightening roller.
9. The high frequency induction hardening of inner parts of sleeve parts.
10. The high frequency surface quenching of machine tool guide.
11. The high frequency surface quenching of large modulus worm;
12. The bearing ring ultra audio penetration quenching;
13. The induction quenching heat treatment of the brake shoe of the car;
14. The whole high frequency induction hardening of the sprocket;
15. The continuous induction hardening of the inner wall of the pump pipe of the concrete pump truck.
16. The induction hardening of the pin of the construction machinery and high frequency quenching of the pin.
17. The high frequency heat treatment and machine tools for automobile and motorcycle shock absorber link rod.
18. The supersonic frequency heat treatment of the transmission shaft;
19. The induction heat treatment of the ball head.
20. The high frequency continuous quenching and heat treatment of bar screw
21. The high frequency quenching of the hoist clips.

2. Thermal forming

1. The application of the ribbed induction induction annealing line.
2. The heating and burning of the hot upsetting line of the round bar bar.
3. The induction heating of the square steel;
4. The heat of the whole root of the iron rod;
5. The red Forging of the standard parts (nut bolts);
6. The local penetration and forging of the pipe;
7. Hot drawing of cold drawn solid steel and hot heading of cold drawn seamless steel pipe.
8. The induction heat upsetting of the end of the drill rod;
9. Heating and forging of vehicle maintenance tools (socket wrench);
10. High voltage transmission, power line tower angle steel plate heating stamping bending;
11. Online warm upsetting of copper bars;
12. The application of heating upsetting in the hot upsetting production line of the automatic steel ball and steel column upsetting machine.
13. Hot forging of rivet, bullet bar and spike for railway fittings.
14. Supporting parts such as clip spring, U type cable heating;
15. Plate leaf spring heating rolling ear and so on.

3. Induction welding

1. Alloy tool welding
2. PDC bit high frequency welding
3. Copper pipe welding, stainless steel welding

4. Induction melting

1. A small amount of platinum induction melting;
2. A small amount of copper smelting;
3. The smelting of silver;
4. 10Kg with inner gold induction melting;
5. Induction melting of stainless steel;
6. Metal remelting of (sieved) alloy powder

5. Induction annealing, thermal coordination and other things

1. The on-line bluing and annealing heat treatment of the packed steel strip;
2. The on-line softening induction annealing of wire wire.
3. Double head high-frequency induction annealing of escalator chain pin.
4. The surface welding net (fence net) is heated by induction heating.
5. Tensile annealing of stainless steel container; annealing of stainless steel tube;
6. High frequency heating separation and recovery of polyethylene steel strip;
7. Urban engineering plan for high frequency heating and plastic removal of water and steel composite pipes.
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