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Gear Quenching Industry

  • Customer: Zhonshan Sints powder metallurgy
  • Equipment: Fully automation high frequency gear quenching equipment
  • Technology: Induction heat treatment and quenching process for stainless steel gear

Automatic quenching of stainless steel gear

Since 2008, Lihua are involved in the construction of the production line equipment of the industry 4.0, mainly engaged in Induction heating automation equipment and solution. The automation quenching equipment in gear industry developed by us, has the function of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, piecewise continuous quenching and piecewise simultaneous quenching. Import advanced induction heating technology from Germany, the equipment is not only working stably and high efficiency, saving labor more than 30%, but also saving energy and protecting environment.

Fully automation gear quenching equipment function introduction

Fully automation gear quenching equipment

This high-frequency quenching machine is developed in accordance with the needs of gear hardening in the hardware industry, all processes can be completed in full automation, accurate positioning, high quenching precision, automatic feeding and unloading, saving labors, Energy saving and environmental protection, It is the most reliable choice for the enterprise to save the cost.
Adopts numerical control system to realize the automatic positioning, loading and unloading, and automation production.
The equipment has high safety performance, beautiful appearance, small occupying area, and has no environmental pollution.

According to customer needs, customize special half / full automatic high-frequency quenching machine.

Fully automation gear quenching equipment

Fully automation gear quenching equipment

Quenching range of workpiece: φ: 20-300mm, H: 10-600mm.
Application: It is used for induction heating and quenching of various parts, such as the shaft, gear, disc and other parts.
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