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Gear Quenching Industry

Liberate manual labor, starting from LIHUA automatic wheel gears quenching equipment.

Equipment: Full-automatic high frequency wheel gears quenching equipment.
Application technology: Mainly applied to the induction heat treating quenching craft of stainless steel wheel gears.

Automatic Stainless Steel Wheel Gears Quenching

From 2008, LIHUA has been taking part in production line equipment construction of industry 4.0 equipment, mainly engaged in the whole solutions’ project of induction heating automatic equipment. Automatic quenching equipment that researched in wheel gears industry have the function of continuous quenching, simultaneous quenching, block continuous quenching and block simultaneous quenching, which introducing German’s advanced induction heating technology, not only equipment can run steadily and efficiently, saving manual labor above 30%, but also energy-saving, environmental without pollution, devoting to make every effort for human beings’ life health.

Scheme profile

The function’s introduction of full-automatic wheel gears quenching equipment 
The high-frequency quenching machine tool is developed according to wheel gears in the hardware industry, all procedures can finish automatically, accurate location, high quenching accuracy, automatically upper and lower materials, labor-saving, totally stable, energy-saving and environmental, meanwhile the most reliable choice that enterprise saving cost. 
  • Adopting numerical control system to realize the automatic location of workpieces, loading, and unloading, achieving automatic production.
  • High safety of equipment, not only appearance is elegant and pretty, covering a small area, but also without environment pollution.
  • According to customers’ needs, customized especially semi/full automatic high-frequency quenching machine tool.

The major technique parameters of LIHUA wheel gears automatic quenching equipment
Size ranges of quenching workpiece: φ: 20-300mm, H: 10-600mm.
Applications: applied to all kinds of workpieces’ quenching and annealing, such as axles, wheel gears, trays’ induction heating quenching and so on.

Automatic Stainless Steel Wheel Gears Quenching
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