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Lihua help Nanchang Kohler complete the transformation from Flame brazing to Induction brazing.

"We used to weld the copper joint by flame brazing, which has the slow brazing speed, and low qualified rate, and needs the professional welding operator, also has the large pollution to environment." Said by Kohler responsible person, "but Lihua's copper joint induction brazing equipment solved these problems for us."

Kohler is one of the most famous kitchen brand in the world, was be selected as the ten largest brand of Chinese sanitary ware in 2013 by Ceramic China, founded in 1873. The main production of Kohler is Bathtub, washbasin, Pedestal pan, faucet, cabinets and other kitchen and toilet products.

It has advanced production technology and process, can be said that it is a new milestone in the Chinese market of Kohler. The copper tube joints was used to weld by the traditional manually flame brazing for a long time, which has the shortcoming of slow speed, low qualified rate, high technical request for welding worker, has some hidden troubles in production safety and large pollution for environment. 


LiHua copper tube joint brazing equipment solved the problem of our welding process fundamentally

LiHua copper tube joint brazing equipment solved the problem of our welding process fundamentally

The enterprise is facing the transformation of Industry 4.0, has the high request for the production equipment, needs high automation machine. Because the high automation machine not only saves labors, but also saves production cost, at the same time, improves the daily output. We knew Lihua on the internet and then contacted with them, went to investigate on-the-spot.
In communicating with the engineering team of Lihua, they suggest that we change the flame brazing to induction brazing, and provide free professional solution for the copper tube joint induction brazing. Therefor, the daily output increased by 30%, the product qualification rate increased to 99%, and the production cost decreased by 20%. And the operation of equipment is safety, the pollution of environment is less, saving electric and energy, and low technical request for welding. It not only can produce with manipulator, but also improve the competing in the same trade.

Lihua Technology is following the tenet of "Creating Wealth for Customers, and Creating Value for the Society", provide free solution for different welding process, does our best to provide the latest and the most comprehensive techniques and services for old and new customers.
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