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As the industry develops faster and faster, the traditional way of welding cannot satisfy the development of enterprises anymore. Therefore, the automatic brazing equipment has been widely used. It not only saves manpower, but also has a beautiful appearance of welding point, and the qualification rate is as high as 99.9%.

Lihua automatic copper tube brazing equipment can be equipped with large IGBT generator 30KW、60KW、80KW、100KW; PLC program automatic control system, infrared temperature measurement. The equipment can work for 24 hours continuously, operation stably and reliable. The equipment can be equipped with manipulator to load and unload, solving the problem caused by flame brazing, reducing labor intensity and improving productivity and quality.

Automatic Copper Tube Brazing Machine

The automatic brazing equipment can be customized according to customer’s needs, 2-stations, 3-stations, 6-stations and 12-stations brazing machine is available now. Lihua is specialized in manufacturing the brazing machine for 18 years, own 13 national invention patents for the brazing machine. The equipment has a lifelong upgrade service.

The unique welding technology of LIHUA and the high-frequency transistor induction generator developed by ourselves, automatically switch induction generator when it is running, shorten the induction generator working time, protect the generator and extend the service life, make the welding product more beautiful and useful.

Automatic Copper Tube Brazing Machine
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