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Copper is the most widely used metal in electrical, aerospace, weapons, electrical appliances, refrigeration, aviation, automobile, transportation, machinery and other industries. In many cases, copper is not in an instrument or equipment product alone, but is welded to other metals. In principle, the welding of copper should be quickly heated because of the following reasons:
  • When the copper is welded, the brazing agent is needed, while some brazing agents have the Liquation phenomenon when melting, the faster the heating speed is, the less serious the liquation phenomenon is.
  • The activity time of the brazing agent is limited, the slow heating speed may cause the brazing agent to fail before the brazing is completed.
  • Slow heating aggravates the oxidation of the brazed metal surface and hinders the spreading of the solder. At the same time, slow heating will expand the action time of molten brazing filler metal and base metal, form intermetallic compounds or cause corrosion, resulting in deterioration of joint performance and so on.

Lihua is specializes in producing and developing copper brazing equipment for 18 years, the equipment mainly adopts induction  brazing, the advantages are: the heating speed is fast, the heating surface is uniform, no oxide layer, the deformation is small and the parent material will not crack. At the same time, the equipment is fully automatic control, effectively saving the manpower cost, and reflects the value of the equipment in maximization.

Refrigeration Pipe Fittings Welding
Refrigeration Pipe Fittings Welding
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