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Shaft Quenching Industry

LIHUA Vertical quenching machine reduce production cost 
Easy operation reduces the dependence on manpower

Automobile Turbo Shaft Quenching

Automobile Turbo Shaft Quenching

Equipment: CNC vertical induction quenching machine
Technology: Induction quenching technology that is mainly used for turboshaft in the turbochargers of automobile 

LiHua not only produces quenching machine tools but also provides one-step induction heating process solutions. From Research& Develop to manufacturing, equipment debugging, delivery and after-sales service, we will never miss any details and give customers the perfect purchasing experience.

The CNC vertical turbo shaft quenching machine use PLC system can store the program, is convenient for the customer to use, the equipment runs stably and the precision of repeated positioning is very high. It not only saves labor, reduces production cost 20-30% directly,  but also improves the customer's yield, improves the quality of the product itself, and greatly enhances the brand influence of the enterprise.

The function of Vertical Turbo shaft quenching machine

The quenching machine is developed according to the needs of the turbine shaft quenching in the turbocharger in the automobile industry, all process can be humanized and precise design according to customer's demand. All the processes are completed automatically, which not only save energy and protect the environment, but also occupy a small area, reduce the production cost of enterprises, and is the most reliable choice for enterprises to save costs.
  • Special semi-automatic / fully-automatic quenching equipment is designed according to customer needs.
  • It has the functions of continuous quenching and interrupted quenching.
  • It can work jointly with the manipulator to carry on the automatic feeding, the automation of the equipment is high, that reduces the dependence of the equipment on the equipment, and the production cost directly.

The main parameter of LIHUA turbo shaft quenching equipment:

The quenching range of workpiece: φ: 10-300mm, H: 50-1500mm.
Application: Applied to various quenching and tempering, such as the shaft, gear, disc and other parts' induction quenching.

Automobile Turbo Shaft Quenching

Automobile Turbo Shaft Quenching
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