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Shaft Quenching Industry

Lihua automatic quenching machine adopts numerical control technology, which has high quenching precision and fast speed.

Equipment: CNC Vertical Universal quenching machine
Technology: mainly use in D7 die steel shaft induction quenching

D7 Die Steel Shaft Quenching

The CNC vertical universal quenching machine is designed by LIHUA in 2017, the frame body is made of 20m steel plate which is after stress relieving, the equipment adopts precise finish ball screw, the fastest speed of moving up and down can be up to 20m/min. Combine with induction heating technology and PLC CNC program system, the equipment is able to store the program for convenient using for the customer. The equipment is running stable and the precision of resetting is high.

Brief introduction of the scheme:

Die steel shaft  CNC Vertical quenching machine:

D7 Die Steel Shaft Quenching 

This vertical quenching machine is designed according to the needs of the hardware industry shaft quenching, all processes can be personalized according to the customer demand, hommization precision design, semi-automatic or full-automated, it is not only saving energy and environmental protection but also occupies a small area, is the most reliable choice for enterprises to save cost!
  • Adopt CNC system or Variable frequency speed control system, to realize the automatic positioning and scanning of the workpiece, and connect with LIHUA special induction heating generator with the PLC, to realize the automation production.
  • It not only has the beautiful appearance, but also has the feature of the small area, and there is no environmental pollution.
  • According to customer needs, customize half/full automatic high-frequency quenching machine

Shaft quenching dimension range: φ: 10-300mm, H: 50-1500mm
Application:  Induction quenching and tempering for various parts such as shaft, gear, disc and other parts.

D7 Die Steel Shaft Quenching

D7 Die Steel Shaft Quenching 
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