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Shaft Quenching Industry

New Vertical automation quenching machine

High precision of re-positioning

Equipment: Automation quenching machine
Technology: Surface heat treatment of idler shaft

Induction Hardening Of Idler Shaft

Lihua shaft quenching machine mainly used in the induction quenching of light shaft, disc, and other small parts. Modularized layout structure, can efficiently complete the induction hardening task of various parts; in the meantime, it has the function of saving energy and protecting the environment, no more difficult problems caused by environmental problems. 

Brief instruction of the scheme

Vertical Idler shaft quenching machine:

This device is developed especially based on the quenching demands of shaft parts quenching, humanized precision design, saving space, reduce the occupied area of the equipment, all production processes are in accordance with customer demand, using CNC system, Programmed operation, automatic completion, high efficiency and stability, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • According to the different workpiece and user needs, it can be equipped with the automatic feeding device, such as the manipulator, robot and so on, has high automation and fast production speed.
  • The function of continuous scanning quenching, sectional scanning and integral quenching for parts can be realized by means of workpiece movement.
  • CNC system control and special parameter management monitoring and recording system can be applied to realize the technology process of quenching products and the function of the historical data query.
  • Equipped with the LIHUA  IGBT induction heating power supply. The protection function is perfect and the performance is stable and reliable.
Induction Hardening Of Idler Shaft 

The dimension range of Idler shaft: φ: 10-300mm, H: 50-1500mm
Application: Used in various shaft induction quenching and tempering.
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