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Small Home Applicance Industry

"We are the manufacturer of producing electric cooker and other pots products in the small home appliance industry, Lihua provides high-frequency brazing machine for us since 9 years ago. Lihua technology provides one-step service from design to production, their production capacity is strong, production period is short, delivery the goods fast. Not only they have the good production quality, but also we are so satisfied with their solution. Their solution can help us save the labor, improve the competing of production, and make the quality of our products guaranteed." From Supor.


Supor is the first quoted company of China in Cooking industry. They built 5 develop manufacturing bases all over the world, their products are sold to more than 50 countries and districts--the market share of 6 kinds of them (Pressure cooker, Frying pan, Wok, Steamer, Stockpot, Slow cooker) is the first, and other 4 kinds (Electric cooker, Electric pressure cooker, Induction cooker, Electric kettle ), the market share in the second.

Our induction brazing machine has the strong production capacity, good quality and saves labor. 


1 set automatic high-frequency brazing machine = 2 professional welding workers, the machine actually helps us reduce about half of the labor. The strong R & D team of LIHUA can provide the most suitable production solution according to the customer’s needs. It improves not only the output, but also the quality of the product, and the competitiveness of the company.
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