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LIHUA Electric iron heating tube brazing equipment improves the competitiveness for Tunbow

Tunbow founded in 1993 in Hong Kong, it is a large company that has grown to nearly four thousand people this year, mainly produce electric iron, coffee pot, and blender etc. Mainly export the electric iron, which is very popular in the foreign market.


Why do they choose Induction brazing equipment?

  • High automation: it has the function of automatic welding and manual welding, and the operation is simple and practical.
  • Stably and high efficiency, saving energy and protecting the environment: With induction heating, greatly improves the conversion rate and utilization rate of electricity, the speed of welding is fast, and at the same time, it reduces environmental pollution.

With Lihua high-frequency induction brazing equipment you can get:

  • Safety: Since 2015 Lihua began to install a safety grating device for all brazing equipment, to prevent the body damage caused by the equipment when it is working, such as when the hand reaches the machine platform, it will stop working automatically.
  • High precision: The electric control box is independent, CNC automatic touch screen operation, has the function of setting, storing and calling parameters (with different products, welding time is different, different holding time, different parameters), let the welding be mechanized, automation, and product qualification rate reach 99.99%.
  • Less manpower: Easy operation, ordinary workers can operate after simple training.
  • The qualified rate of the product is high: the automation and mechanization of the equipment have greatly improved the welding qualification rate of the products, and the average daily output of the products has been raised to more than 30%.
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