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Induction Quenching/Hardening
Induction Quenching/Hardening
Quenching is to heat the material above the phase transition temperature, and to keep the microstructure of the material sufficiently transformed into austenite during a certain period of time. Then, the material is cooled rapidly and the martensite microstructure is obtained. Quenching is mainly to obtain higher hardness and better wear resistance. It is mainly used for carburizing parts such as gear, shaft, motor, roller, knife edge, screw, mould, track and so on.

Induction Welding
Induction Welding
Welding is mainly used for manufacturing precision instruments, electrical components, heterogeneous metal components and complex thin plate structure,Such as sandwich structure, honeycomb structure, etc., also used to braze various kinds of wires and cemented carbide knifes. The liquid filler metal can expand and dissolve along the joint by capillary action to form alloy layer. It is widely used in machinery, motor, instrument, radio and other industry.
Induction Smelting
Induction Smelting
Melting is to put the metal material and other auxiliary materials into the furnace and to heat to liquid. Melting is often used in adjusting the content of alloying elements, carbon adjustment, deoxidization, degassing, taking off non-metallic inclusion process of metal purification, as well as scrap metal recycling.
Induction Annealing/Normalizing
Induction Annealing/Normalizing
Annealing is to reduce hardness and improve machinability; Eliminate residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and crack tendency; refine the grain, adjust the structure, eliminate the structure defect. The annealing purpose of the new material is similar to that of the traditional metal annealing. In the production, annealing process is widely used. According to the requirements of the workpiece annealing, there are many kinds of annealing process specifications, commonly used are complete annealing, spherical annealing, and stress relief annealing.
Induction Forging
Induction Forging
Forging is divided into two parts, forging and stamping. It is a kind of processing method which uses the rolling machine to press the metal blank and make it produce plastic deformation to obtain the forging workpiece with certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size. It is used in wheel parts, steel ball, transmission shaft and metal parts treatment such as upsetting, drawing out, punching, cutting, bending, twisting, offsetting, die forging and so on.
Shrink Fitting
Shrink Fitting
Shrink fit is the connection which is realized by the tolerance of two connecting pieces themselves, which can be divided into pressing fit, hot fitting and cold fitting. Common used in assembly of rotor, spindle, bearing, bottle cap, motor, mold and other central shaft.
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Small Home Applicance Industries
Lihua high-frequency induction brazing machines are widely used in small home appliances industries, such as Midea, Super, Philip, Turnbow, Gree and other famous enterprises, for welding heating tube, egg beater, compound bottom and other welding parts. Our welding machines provide quick welding speed for them, and the welding performance is uniform and high quality, 1 set fully automatic high-frequency brazing machine = 2 professional welder, this really helps them reduce half of the labor. The equipment can be used on the production line, greatly reduces the cycle time, improves the daily output. It can continuous work for 24 hours, improves production efficiency, and improves the competitiveness of the enterprises.  
Gear Quenching industry
Lihua automation gear quenching equipment help enterprise emancipate from manual operation, increase the daily output by 30%, makes automation instead of manpower, improve the quenching accuracy and running stability, protects the environment and saves energy. Let the induction heating machine to complete the processes is quite suitable since it heats quickly, heating can be controllable, the temperature can also be precisely controlled. During the automated production, it is necessary to use the induction heating machine to heat various components. In quenching industry, except the gear, many other parts need to be quenched, such as fork, sprocket drive and so on. The induction quenching equipment can be customized based on all different parts. 
Shaft quenching industry
This CNC automatic universal quenching machine developed by LIHUA in 2017, adopts numerical control technology, which has high quenching precision and fast speed. The operation can be finished on both semi-automatic mode and full-automatic mode, easy operation and saving cost. It is equipped with LIHUA IGBT induction heating generator, make quenching process more stability and reliability; Adopts the CNC system, make the quenching process more accuracy and convenient. For other special shape workpieces, it is available to customize the special quenching equipment for the customer.
Refrigeration Industry
The application of induction brazing had been widely used in refrigeration industry. The portable induction heating machine developed by Lihua Technology(HK) Industrial Co., Limited., with power 15-100KW, frequency 30-80khz, flexible cable long 3-5meters, can be used in transformer joint welding, online copper tube welding and other on-site heating applications, provide a convenient and effective tool for on-site welding and maintaining of air condition copper tube welding in refrigeration industry..It replaces flame brazing, improves the production process of the factory, reduces the labor strength of workers. The manpower is instead of mechanical equipment, which is reducing the manpower cost and electric cost, at the same time, improving the production efficiency and products quality, also eliminating the environment pollution of flame brazing and bad influence.
Plumbing Sanitary Ware industries
The High frequency Induction brazing machine is designed and developed for Plumping & Sanitary ware specially, equipped with IGBT transistor high frequency power supply, automatic program control operation, with efficient heating speed, safe and reliable, long service life, using infrared automatic temperature measuring system, automatic clamping, automatic positioning, stable running, simple operation, energy conservation, environmental protection. The brazing of copper tube in the air condition always use High-frequency induction brazing, this brazing method is easy to realize localized heating and heat concentration, easy to control temperature and realize automation, greatly improved the working efficiency. 
LIHUA Certification

Lihua is the professional manufacturer of Induction heating equipment and Induction heating automation equipment. We invite Professor Liu Shizhou, predecessor director of the Guangdong Welding Association, as a technical consultant; and gather many personnel engaged in the induction heating industry, heat treatment industry and brazing industry, formed to a private high-tech enterprise that is integrated research,develop,production,sale and service. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE quality certification and many patents for invention.
The automation equipment production line designed by us can reduce the total investment for manufacturer, give more profit and  better cost performance to customer.

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LIHUA products in the world
Lihua technology (HK) Industrial was founded in 2010, focus on the expansion of products in the overseas market, take the lead in passing the CE quality certification in the same industry, own the right of independent import and export of goods and technology. Till, our products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions. In view of the different countries' voltage grades, we developed the corresponding input voltage for the induction heating equipment and automation equipment, such as single-phase 110V and three-phase 200V for the input voltage level in the USA and Japan , three-phase 420V in India, three-phase 415V and three-phase 440V for the input voltage level in Malaysia, Thailand and Russia. 
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